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Hear from our supporters:

"For the past year or so, I have been trying to find my niche, to find not just a cause worthy of giving my time to but one where I could find friends. I was so discouraged and felt like Goldilocks. The organizations I'd looked into were too old, too clicky, too... not me. Others couldn't fit my hours and still others just never responded to my calls or emails. My volunteer request to NOVA Pride, for the NOVA Pride Festival, was answered within 24 hours. Within five minutes of walking into the first meeting for the festival volunteers, I knew I'd found THE group I wanted to work with. By the end of that first meeting, I'd found a great group of people and some new friends. I haven't looked back since."


"My wife and I began volunteering for the first pride festival. It's been impressive to see NOVA Pide grow over the past several years. The organization does such an amazing job bringing together the LGBTQ & Allies community in Northern Virginia - we've made so many new friends through our volunteer work. It's a great way to build and give back to our community. While we've made great strides in improving the lives and rights of the LGBTQ community, there is still much work to be done to preserve those gains and continue to move forward. I hope you take the time to support NOVA Pride on this Giving Tuesday and become a part of this wonderful and supportive organization."


"NOVA Pride is an opportunity for those who live in Northern Virginia to come together and meet others who come from different backgrounds and are part of the LGBT community. And being a part of the LGBT community means not only those who self-identify as LGB or T but also who support those of us who are LGBT. Our supporters are as much a part of us as we are. Our supporters are a part of our community. NOVA Pride offers a unique opportunity to understand the NOVA Pride Theme this year that "Love is Love."


"I remember the first event with NOVA Pride that I took part of which was the capital pride parade in 2015, then months later going to a Pride on the Rocks event in Arlington. I knew then that I was gonna gain life long friends. What I love about NOVA Pride is that this organization does so much for the community, to bring awareness and to educate. We have the most amazing board members that work so hard day in and day out, putting events together, I am proud to call them my friends. For me, this is one organization that I found a great sense of community. I'm proud to be part of NOVA Pride."


"Well to be honest, this organization means to me unity and bridging all aspects of the community. It is a way for those without a voice or an outlet to safely express themselves and meet those with similar interests. Also, to inform those not informed about our LGBTQ truth and eliminate all myths."


"NOVA Pride is so very important to the Northern Virginia community. We're surrounded by an area that is well represented by national organizations that we can get lost in the crowd. NOVA Pride looks out for our area and the people in it."


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